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Month: October 2017

Why should everyone work their e-reputation? Importance of Online Reputation in Social Media Era

The need to work on e-reputation concerns professionals and brands, but not only: individuals are not exempt from it.

Warren Buffet had this sentence: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation, but only five minutes to annihilate it.” This has never been more true than today, in our ultra-connected world. And because: simple negative reviews posted on the Web can deter up to 96% of Internet users from interested in a product or service … Internet can be a powerful lever of popularity, but it does not give anybody any gift. That is why working your e-reputation is essential: if you do not take the subject, that’s the topic that will come to you. And everyone is concerned: businesses as well as individuals!

The best driving apps for Android

Unlike radar warning devices, driving aid applications do not signal the precise position of fixed or mobile speed cameras but a danger zone. The size of these areas varies according to the type of road: 300 meters in built-up area, 2 km outside a town and 4 km on motorway.

These alerts are not only used to alert the driver to the presence of a radar. They are also used to report traffic congestion, accidents, vehicles parked on emergency stops, stray animals on the road, work and all kinds of difficulties.

Top 3 Best Dating Applications

Are you single and loneliness weighs you? Desperately seeking your half for several months without success? Why not get yourself helped by a dating app. There are dozens for Android mobiles. Here is our selection of the 3 best apps to meet love.


Tinder App

Who has never heard of the application Tinder? This phenomenon has generated more than 11 billion meetings worldwide since its inception. Just that ! The geolocation encounter application is now an integral part of the digital landscape like Facebook or Instagram.