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Simple trick to increase your chances of online dating

A new online dating study has just been released (in English). It was conducted by researchers from one of the world’s largest online dating sites.

This study shows that a simple trick can increase the number of responses to your messages that you send to the men or women you want to meet. And when I say it’s simple, I mean literally!
Be brief

Choose your Favorite Dating Site and make your Account:

Creating a profile page on modern dating sites like, Tinder, or Site de Rencontres is relatively easy. It is enough to indicate some information on his physical, to post one or several photos, while putting an attractive description of oneself. You will then be able to consult the numerous profiles registered on the platform, then contact the members who could be suitable for you.
It is advisable to heal his profile and put at least one picture putting your physique to his advantage. This will make it easier to attract a registered member to start a conversation. Do not hesitate to contact a person who might be able to please you!


Here’s the trick:

Write short and not necessarily unique messages.

The study shows that messages that are less than 100 characters are most likely to receive a response from the recipient. 100 characters is very little! This is for example less than the 140 characters allowed by Twitter!

You do not have to write 50-line novels in your first messages. These long messages are too scary and are absolutely not effective to guarantee an answer.

Short messages such as “Hi, you’re beautiful” and “Hi how are you?” Are good examples of messages that work very well on dating sites, even if you think they are too simple, not enough customized.

At the time of sending SMS with only a few words in it, it is not surprising that short messages have a better response rate.

Save time with short messages

The interest of a short message is also that it does not take much time to write. If you start spending 10 minutes writing a 50-line message and you do not get answers, you’ll quickly be disappointed and stop your subscription!

No need to be original either according to the study. You can copy and paste and always get lots of answers. So save time to contact a maximum of men or women on these sites.


Attention, in real life, be different

We have seen that you can send very short messages and not necessarily very original. But this is completely different when you are going to meet for real on your first date. At that moment you will have to be original, and much more talkative.

Short text messages are perfect for an answer, but then you’ll have to “work” your other messages a bit to get the conversation to somewhere. Do not expect to get a first appointment just with a “Ca va”. Then we will have to make more original and find common points to start a discussion.

Online dating is finally like meetings in bars or parties. You start with a banal little phrase like, “Hi, do you come here often?” And then continue with a real conversation that will lead somewhere and reveal your personality.

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