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The best driving apps for Android

Unlike radar warning devices, driving aid applications do not signal the precise position of fixed or mobile speed cameras but a danger zone. The size of these areas varies according to the type of road: 300 meters in built-up area, 2 km outside a town and 4 km on motorway.

These alerts are not only used to alert the driver to the presence of a radar. They are also used to report traffic congestion, accidents, vehicles parked on emergency stops, stray animals on the road, work and all kinds of difficulties.

How Driving Assistance Applications Work

To provide quality services and up-to-date information in real-time, driver assistance applications rely mainly on mutual help.

Each user is thus invited to report the dangers (bottling, speed cameras, accident etc.) encountered on the road in order to be able to share them with the rest of the community.

Each member has the tools to confirm or to invalidate the presence of a danger. A point and bonus system has also been introduced on most driving assistance applications to encourage this type of behavior.

As a driver you will certainly be tempted to choose the app with the largest community of active users. This criterion is far from being innocuous and offers reliable information. Unfortunately it is difficult to verify.

The Waze participatory GPS

Unable to talk about radar warners without quoting Waze. The Google Driving Aid application purchased by Google has attracted a large number of drivers. There are several reasons for this success.

Firstly it is free but it also offers a wealth of information (traffic jams, accidents, objects on the road, restaurants and even the price of fuel). Everything is reported with great precision.

As with a conventional GPS, simply enter your destination and click the Go button to start navigation.

The hazards are then reported in real time. An audible alert followed by a message You enter a control zone will warn you of the presence of radars.

On the other hand, even if the Waze application is able to replace any real GPS, it can only work if your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

iCoyote real-time road information

The iCoyote application has one of the most enjoyable interfaces on the market. Like its competitor Waze, users are advised to report accidents, traffic jams or radar encountered on their journeys.

The communities of Coyote are, moreover, dreadfully effective. Rare are the dangers that escape him. This is all the more true on the secondary network.

At each alert, an icon is displayed on the screen of your smartphone, along with a progress bar, in order to know the duration of the difficulties. Very practical to keep points of his driving license.

Importantly, the iCoyote application pays off. You get 15 days free during the first installation. Exceeded this period you will have to subscribe to one of the offers offered. 11.99 euros for one month, 49.99 euros for one year or 89.99 euros for two years.

Caution, the use of these driving aid applications should not make you forget the caution. The road is not a playground. It is up to everyone to be responsible and to respect the rules of the road.

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