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The selection of the best dating apps 2018

With a large number of dating apps available, it’s not easy for singles to navigate and find out which matches them best. Some favors the interface of the application to choose, other the number of singles registered on the platform. But how to select the best dating app? Discover the answer in our article!

As every year our team tests for you the different applications of meetings to make you a selection of the best. Here is the TOP 5 of the best! This year a lot of cleaning compared to 2017, many apps disappeared from the traffic but thankfully to make room for better!

1 / ONCE

The project continues to advance quickly, the frequency of updates and impressive and Once continuously adds new features to improve your chances of matching. So why deprive yourself?


This application continues to evolve slowly but surely, the advantage is that it is free (freemium) and there are many members. This will allow you to chat with lots of girls or guys close to you. Be careful however the free version displays advertising and the premium subscription is quite expensive!


This year Tinder is back in the rankings, we liked the work of Tinder to improve the service, they added the functionality to match groups of friends to compete with the novelty of last year (2016) SQUAD. In addition Tinder is always free and without advertising (or almost). This new feature to match with friends and certainly not perfect but it has the merit of being innovative! We are still issuing a warning, we will have to be more innovative to resist in the coming years, indeed the competition is fierce in the world of dating applications …

4 / WHIM

This project continues to evolve unfortunately it is still missing an application android .. The concept? get an appointment directly with the guy or girl you like in short no unnecessary texting, no rabbit or fakes.

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