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Top 3 Best Dating Applications

Are you single and loneliness weighs you? Desperately seeking your half for several months without success? Why not get yourself helped by a dating app. There are dozens for Android mobiles. Here is our selection of the 3 best apps to meet love.


Tinder App

Who has never heard of the application Tinder? This phenomenon has generated more than 11 billion meetings worldwide since its inception. Just that ! The geolocation encounter application is now an integral part of the digital landscape like Facebook or Instagram.

Why such a success ? The principle is ultimate simple but particularly effective. The application allows hundreds of profiles of men and women in a radius of 10 km around you to scroll in record time. We use Tinder as we leaf through a catalog.

  • Open the Google Play Store and download the Tinder app
  • Click the Facebook sign up link to connect with your profile
  • Then select your profile photo. Needless to say, this step is crucial. Be sure to choose your photo. This is the first
  • thing the other members will see of you.
  • Then go back to the homepage
  • Click on view profile
  • Touch the pencil icon to change your hook text or import new photos
  • Click the Discovery Preferences button
  • Choose from the options the type of people you want to meet (age, distance, leisure etc.)


All you have to do is discover the other members and swipe the various profiles that Tinder offers you. As soon as one of them pleases you, click on the Like button.

The person will automatically receive a notification to warn her that her profile has caught your attention. If in turn it like your profile, then you have a match (match). Tinder will give you the opportunity to start a discussion with this person.

Attractive World for demanding singles

Tired of drag plans 2.0? Some applications offer millions of different profiles. This abundance of offer tends to favor ephemeral stories. To build a true relationship, you will have to turn to apps like Attractive World.

This tool offers a selective encounter service or elitist. Once your profile is created, you will need to pass the moderation step. Each new registration must be co-opted by the community. And this is far from being a formality.

The successful candidates will then pass directly through the CB box. Attention this high-end service is not within the reach of all scholarships. The first month will be charged 60 euros. But as you know, love has no price.

Given the tariffs, there is little risk of falling into a dummy profile or a swindler of love. Attractive World is above all for graduate singles looking for great love. And the results are there. Site leaders say they regularly receive wedding announcements.

Happn dating app

You crack for a person crossed in the street? But out of timidity, you are afraid to approach it? Needless to be angry with you. The Happn application now makes it easy for you to find the people you encounter by chance.

Thanks to the system of geolocation, the meeting service keeps in memory all the crossed members in the street, in the bars, the coffees, the museums etc.

You will then be able to find the picture of his profile in your timeline and send him a like without the latter being warned.

If the unknown does the same thing, the application will then suggest you get in touch with it and start a conversation. Obviously, you will only be able to find people who have previously downloaded the Happn application.

Dating sites

No more celibacy, no more jokes and incessant requests from the family: then you found someone. It is decided you will finally find great love. But this time there is no question of trusting the good girlfriend betrothal or random. These are the dating site algorithms that will do the job for you.

Attention, you will have to show you require. One can be single without being necessarily desperate. Today anyone can sign up on a dating app. Some are looking for great love when others prefer meetings for an evening.

Rather than just letting you sort through apps and serious ads, we’ve decided to offer you our top 3 best dating apps. Whether it is to find the love of one’s life or simply to make new acquaintances, this selection will avoid many misadventures.

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